Episode 15: Okta – Single Sign-On for Your Logistics Business

Episode 15: Okta - Single Sign-On

How Single Sign-On can Completely Change Your Business’ Onboarding Process Scalability is one of the main goals of any business, especially in the transportation community. Employees are the pillars that grow your company, this is why Implementing the right tools to increase their overall performance is very important. Listen to the Full Episode here In […]

Podcast Episode 5 Freight Insurance

Freight Insurance

Intro On today’s podcast, we have a special guest. John Crassel is an insurance broker from right here in South Florida. He works for assured partners, who are a leader in the transport insurance industry.  We will be asking John some of the major questions that most carriers will have about their insurance and go […]

Podcast Episode 4 Hours of Service

On today’s podcast, we will be discussing hours of service. We will provide a template to help you educate your drivers on your hours of service policy. On top of that, we will help you make sure you are ready for any audit that may come your way.   An audit can happen if your […]

Freight Guru Podcast Ep.3

Container Drayage The world of drayage is very different from the world of nationwide trucking. It is a very fractured, mostly cottage industry, which operates almost exclusively offline. However, your first question might be, “What is container drayage?” Container drayage is the niche movement of containers between ports and distribution points, usually within a 50 […]

Freight Guru Podcast Ep.2

How to Start a Trucking Company in Florida    There are two main types of trucking companies one can start. You can be an owner-operator or a fleer owner/manager. Here we are going to focus on being a fleet manager with regards to over-the-road transport. There are many different ways to go about managing a […]

Freight Guru Podcast Ep.1

The current state of the Spot Market in Q1 2021 The goal of the Freight Guru Podcast is to educate and inform the trucking community. We want to grow industry knowledge by trying out new techniques and sharing our successes and failures with the broader community.  For this podcast, we want to focus on five […]

How to Start a Trucking Company in 7 Easy Steps

Starting a business as an owner-operator offers many great opportunities! Among these are negotiating power, setting your schedule, and generally being your boss. However, you have to start right if you want to succeed.   1. Write a Plan A business plan is vital for you in starting your business. In your business plan, you […]