Episode 15: Okta – Single Sign-On for Your Logistics Business

How Single Sign-On can Completely Change Your Business’ Onboarding Process

Scalability is one of the main goals of any business, especially in the transportation community. Employees are the pillars that grow your company, this is why Implementing the right tools to increase their overall performance is very important.

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In today’s episode, our host Luis Lopez talks about Okta’s single sign-on as an innovative tool used in his business’ operations and what key factors made Okta the winning SaaS company.

Single sign-on (SSO) allows a user to log in with a single ID and password and access multiple applications and websites from a single dashboard.

Why Okta?

  • The 6500 plus applications that are already integrated.
  • The User Interface (UI) experience.
  • The Okta support package, called SmartStart.

We decided to invest in the Silver Smart Package, a stand-alone application that provides assistance with Okta’s onboarding process. The package includes planning, training, deployment, and support handoff during a 12-week training workshop with an Okta representative.

How to Set Up Okta:

1. Set goals specific to your company’s needs.
2. Discuss major pain points.
3. Set topics that are important to the company.
4. What is your preferred email provider?
5. Pick your top 10 most important applications that you need to connect.
For example WordPress, Slack, Trello, etc.
6. How will you launch your company account?
7. Set a Launch date.

How to Set Up SmartStart:

1. Schedule workshops with your technical consultant. Confirm access to the Okta production tenant.
2. Participate in scheduled workshops.
3. Ask questions, take notes, and build a plan.

How to work with Okta:

Assigning a dedicated project manager (PM): It is essential to have a dedicated person in your company to collaborate with the Okta team and your staff to onboard them successfully.

Explain SSO to your staff: Walk them through the onboarding processes and explain the single sign-on concept.

We highly recommend the silver smart process on top of paying for the Okta subscription because it has a beginning to end process that is guaranteed to lead to customer success. “I think this will lead to best practices and the ability for you to scale your business.”

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Meet Luis Lopez

Luis Lopez is the chairman of Go Hub Holding Group, a logistics holding corporation and the active CEO of Freight Hub Group.