4PL v. 3PL, What’s the Difference?


4PL v. 3PL, What’s the Difference? Trucking, Technology and More on Freight Hub Podcast with Matthew Schiffer of JUSDA

Jusda’s Matthew Schiffer stopped by the Freight Hub Group podcast to talk with host Luis Lopez about the differences between 4PL and 3PL carriers.

Jusda focuses on “going deeper” than visibility and uses its platform to track “from component to consumer.”

Matthew Schiffer

Agreeing that technology is much more than data entry, Luis and Matt take a deep dive into how the true integration of technology is extremely impactful in present-day logistics.

Podcast highlights:

  • The definition of a fourth party logistics provider, as compared to a third party logistics provider.
  • Providing consumers with more in-depth tracking for goods.
  • Automation and integration of technology for solutions that go beyond data entry.
  • The importance of pushing out real-time data.

Listen in as they discuss modernizing logistics and engaging those in the industry to move into the 21st century.

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Meet Luis Lopez

Luis Lopez is the chairman of Go Hub Holding Group, a logistics holding corporation and the active CEO of Freight Hub Group.