Podcast Episode 14 Pt.1 Freight Forwarding 101 with Christoph Niemann

Intro Hello transportation community, today we are joined by special guest Christoph Neimann. He is the director of sea logistics at Kuehne + Nagel for Central America and the Caribbean, as well as being someone I have known for a long time. On top of that, he has been in the freight forwarding industry for […]

Podcast Episode 13 Transportation Calculator

Intro Hey transportation community, today we have exciting news! Something I’ve been working hard on for the last three months just got done. That is a transportation calculator powered by PC Miler and TruckHub. Truckhub is a TMS that connects shippers and brokers to different modes of domestic transportation. This calculator is completely free and […]

Podcast Episode 12 Going Passwordless With Nelson Melo of Beyond Identity

Intro In today’s episode, we are talking with a special guest, Nelson Melo. We will be discussing going passwordless. Specifically, we will be discussing how, combining an authentication service like Beyond Identity, and a Single Sign-On (SSO) provider like Okta can take you and your whole company passwordless. For article clarity, the paragraphs in which […]

Podcast Episode 11 May 4-7 Road Check

Intro Today we are talking about the beginning of the famous 72hrs of road check. Everyone involved in trucking, whether you are an owner-operator, lease carrier, or anything else, should be prepared. In these three days, there will be two major components of the inspection. Preparations should have been underway for at least a week […]

Podcast Episode 10 Digital Marketing Strategy for B2B Transportation

Intro Today we are talking about a topic that I have found very frustrating, digital marketing strategies for transportation. Specifically, the focus will be B2B marketing. Over the past 15 years, I have gone through 3rd party vendors, spoken to consultants, and built 15 websites. Every time I make a website, I have improved my […]

How City Furniture Became An eCommerce Monster Ep9

Intro Today we are talking with a special guest, Michael Nau. We will be discussing the astounding growth that City Furniture has seen throughout the pandemic. Specifically, we will look at how they have leaned into online sales and taken advantage of the situation to give them a strong position moving forward. For article clarity, […]

Podcast Episode 8 Port Of Miami

Intro Today’s episode will be discussing the changes they are implementing at the Port of Miami (PoM) and how they will affect both carriers and customers. Specifically, the system they are implementing is the APM Terminal for gate appointments. This discussion is also relevant to other locations as other ports have already implemented gate appointment […]

Podcast Episode 7 Buying vs Leasing Trucks

Intro In today’s episode, we will be discussing buying vs. leasing, but more specifically, the advantages of leasing from Penske. As stated in previous episodes, we believe leasing is the best option, especially with small and mid-size fleets, because it offers a fixed cost. To help you make this decision for yourself, we have been […]

Podcast Episode 6 Freight Marketing

Today’s topic is internet marketing. More specifically, we will be going over the four pillars of SEO and why they are vital to your company’s growth and sales.  This article is not for everyone in the transportation industry. If you are exclusively in the outbound market for nationwide transportation, you focus on the spot transactional […]

Podcast Episode 5 Freight Insurance

Freight Insurance

Intro On today’s podcast, we have a special guest. John Crassel is an insurance broker from right here in South Florida. He works for assured partners, who are a leader in the transport insurance industry.  We will be asking John some of the major questions that most carriers will have about their insurance and go […]