Episode 18 – Create a 7512 for in Bond Cargo

How to use SmartBorder for your Customs Process

SmartBorder is an easy-to-use SaaS application for day-to-day operation. Through the app, you can fill out all of your customs forms like the 7512 form or Transportation Entry and Manifest of Goods form.

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Customs and Border Protection (CBP) use the 7512 form to “determine the nature of the goods being brought into the United States.”

3 Types of in Bond Cargo Used in SmartBorder

IT: Immediate Transportation – used to move merchandise in bond without paying duty, taxes, and no examination possible until the goods arrive at the port of destination and entry is filed.  (Moving merchandise between two ports of entry within the Customs Territory of the United States for entry in the port of destination)

IE: Immediate Exportation – used to export merchandise from the same port of origin. (Moving merchandise between two shipping companies within a port of entry for export.) 

T & E: Transportation and Exportation – used to move and export merchandise at another port, other than the port of origin. The form is required to move products through the United States. (Moving merchandise between two ports of entry within the Customs Territory of the US for export out of the port of destination).

For Example: moving products from Canada to the US & to other countries.

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How to Create an in Bond Using SmartBorder

Creating in bonds for customers can add value to your company providing a complete service and a great opportunity to scale your business. 

In today’s episode, our host Luis Loez gives a live demo on how to create an in bond in SmartBorder. For this example, he is creating an IT in Bond from 5203 Port Everglades to 5201 Port of Miami. The mode of transport is domestic transport. 

Term: In bond cargo – In bond shipment refers to import or export shipment which has not been cleared by customs and is transported, stored, or handled with security to the government provided by indemnity bonds.

Step 1 – Login is SmartBorder and click on in bond creation 

Step 2 – Input your in-bond number and company info

Step 3 – Input the port location(s) or warehouse location

Step 4 – Mode of transport domestic transport, input the bonded carrier ID (carrier’s EIN number).

TIP- contact customs for a list of in bond numbers to make sure your informa\tion is accurate.

Step 5 – input final destination and appropriate export documentation (input booking number in the additional carrier information). 

TIP – Provide power of attorney to the carrier so you can use their bond to execute the 7512 form. 

Step 6 – Provide the value per kilo in your export documentation. If not provided you can input $20 per kilo.

Step 7 – input the number, type, and weight (kilos or pounds) of packages in the bill of lading.

Step 8 – Input all pertinent information about the freight or cargo including the container number.

Step 9 – Input the name of the company providing the document, and export location in the footer to complete. 

Sample Documents Used in Demo:

Sample Bond Usage Notification & Verification Form  

Verification Requirements for In-Bond Usage Authorization

T & E: Transportation and Exportation (Filled oud example). 

Booking Confirmation 


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