Episode 27 – 6 Mistakes I Made in Trucking since 2010

In episode 27 of the Freight Guru, Luis Lopez talks about the top mistakes he made when starting his transportation business about two decades ago.  Listen to the Full Episode Here  As a small to mid-sized fleet owner, Luis empathizes with similar fleet owners just starting out struggling with a lack of experience. These six […]

Episode 26 – How inflation is affecting shipping rates in 2021

In episode 26, the Freight Guru talks about how inflated shipping rates are still affecting the current economy. After two years of living with Covicd-19 restrictions as our “new normal,” shipping rates continue to rise, up to 300 percent. The question remains, until when?  Listen to the Full Episode Here  “Inflation is the decline of […]

Episode 25 – 5 Ways to Overcome Driver Shortages in 2021

Driver shortages are an ongoing challenge post pandemia that most fleet owners are facing. In this week’s episode, the Freight Guru gives advice on how to overcome this adversity under the current market climate. Listen to the Full Episode Here  Encourage Diversity  Women make up 46 percent of the job market today and only six […]

Freight Guru Podcast Ep.3

Container Drayage The world of drayage is very different from the world of nationwide trucking. It is a very fractured, mostly cottage industry, which operates almost exclusively offline. However, your first question might be, “What is container drayage?” Container drayage is the niche movement of containers between ports and distribution points, usually within a 50 […]

Freight Guru Podcast Ep.1

The current state of the Spot Market in Q1 2021 The goal of the Freight Guru Podcast is to educate and inform the trucking community. We want to grow industry knowledge by trying out new techniques and sharing our successes and failures with the broader community.  For this podcast, we want to focus on five […]

How to Start a Trucking Company in 7 Easy Steps

Starting a business as an owner-operator offers many great opportunities! Among these are negotiating power, setting your schedule, and generally being your boss. However, you have to start right if you want to succeed.   1. Write a Plan A business plan is vital for you in starting your business. In your business plan, you […]

4PL v. 3PL, What’s the Difference?

   4PL v. 3PL, What’s the Difference? Trucking, Technology and More on Freight Hub Podcast with Matthew Schiffer of JUSDA Jusda’s Matthew Schiffer stopped by the Freight Hub Group podcast to talk with host Luis Lopez about the differences between 4PL and 3PL carriers. Jusda focuses on “going deeper” than visibility and uses its platform […]

Could the Freight Crisis Predict the Next Global Recession?

  Could the Freight Crisis Predict the Next Global Recession? Christoph Niemann, Regional Seafreight Southeast Area Operations Manager of Kuehne + Nagel (arguably the largest transport and logistics company in the world) stopped by the Freight Hub Group in South Florida to talk with TruckHub Founder Luis Lopez. Check the insights, humor, personal stories, and more in Podcast Episode 4. Global […]

How Outdated Industries Make Room for “Disruptive” Millennial Business Owners

  How Outdated Industries Make Room for “Disruptive” Millennial Business Owners feat. Raul Bolufe of Capital Rise Investments Raul Bolufe of Capital Rise Investments, a real estate investment firm, stopped by the Freight Hub Group podcast to chat with Luis Lopez, TruckHub Founder, about what it takes to be a disruptive entrepreneur in age-old industries. More and […]

Hello world! PODCAST 1

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